"Sustainable food from our farm to your table"

About the Farm


On October 27th 2017 we bought our first home and 80ac. with the goal to raise food for our own consumption, for our family, and for YOU.

Our Farm Mission:

Produce a safe quality product that receives the care and respect we deliver to our customers.

Our Motto:

"Sustainable food from our farm to your table"

Our Vision:

 Provide a safe, nutrient dense food to consumers that value and expect high quality products while maintaining the same level of customer satisfaction.


 Feed our family the same high value food we offer our customers.


 To be transparent as possible to our family, friends, and customers regarding our operation and to allow them to experience our farm and what it takes to produce the food we eat.

 Through sustainable holistic management will raise pastured broilers that will be rotated through the grass in "chicken tractors". Broilers will receive Non-GMO feed and will be given natural products with no antibiotics or other medication. Vinegar and molasses will be added to their water to reduce sickness. Once they reach 12-14lbs they will be processed at an USDA inspected facility. 

 Our Heritage breed hogs will be rotated through the pasture like the chickens and will also be given a feed containing non-GMO grain. Once they reach 250-280lbs they will go to the butcher and will be sold by the half or whole. 

 We will also have stocker cattle that will graze native grass, fescue, and cover crop mixture.  A few of them will be kept back and finished on grass.

 Want a goat? Let us know and we can have one butchered. We plan to use the goats for brush and Sericea control. 

     Stay tuned for seasonal products like TURKEYS for Thanksgiving! 

About E & K

Ethan is a Rangeland Management Specialist for USDA-NRCS and Kate is the preschool teacher for Altoona-Midway. Ethan and Kate met at Allen Community College then, after getting married in 2010, moved to Manhattan where Ethan received a bachelor's degree in Rangeland Management while Kate worked. In 2012 they moved back to Altoona  where Ethan worked as a Soil Technician for the Division of Conservation and Kate started taking online classes to finish her Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education. In 2015 Ethan starting working as the Rangeland Management Specialist for the Independence management unit which includes Montgomery, Elk, and Chautauqa Counties. Kate started teaching preschool in May 2017. She is also the middle school girl's basketball coach. 

Ethan Walker

"After attending multiple soil health workshops and working with many producers around the area I really wanted to be part of the change. I like looking at every situation on the farm from a "Agroecologist" standpoint. If nature were to fix this, how would she handle it. I believe you can heal the soil with proper management without synthetic inputs. You have a live automatic fertilizing machine by allowing the animals to graze at the proper stocking rate and rotating them around the pasture."

"Being raised on a farm I always wanted to have one of my own. The sustainability aspect of raising your own food is really important to me. Having the opportunity to use our skills and knowledge to produce healthy products for both the environment and our customers makes it all worth it."

Katelyn Walker


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