• Ethan Walker

Herbs de Provence____: My Favorite Pork Seasoning

As the title implies I found my seasoning of choice when it comes to adding some flavors to pork. Herbs de Provence isn't a hard to find spice and the ingredients could be grown at home. It's made with a combination of herbs that, according to the label of the Organic Great Value, include:

1.) Basil

2.) Fennel

3.) Marjoram

4.) Parsley

5.) Rosemary

6.) Lavender

7.) Tarragon

8.) Thyme

I first tried Herbs de Provence on a pork tenderloin, but also really like it on Pork Chops, Steaks, and Roasts. I always cook my pork in a cast iron skillet. We have found that pork taste better cooked in a cast iron skillet. To cook our pork chops we first season both sides with Herbs de Provence then put the chops directly into the cast iron skillet, brown both sides on high heat, then lower the heat and cook long and slow until done. The browning is a result of the maillard reactions which helps with that flavor compounds due to the break down of amino acids. The long slow cooking helps break down the fat in the pork and allows the Herbs de Provence to really "soak" into the meat and fat. You can tell the chops are done when the liquid coming out of the meat is clear.

And that's it. A cheap, simple seasoning that adds a lot of flavor to pork.

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