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Recipe___Clay-Pot Baked Chicken

How to bake a whole chicken in a clay pot.

Credit for this recipe goes to, my mom, Pam Walker. She sent this to me after I gave her one of our chickens. We got to try some of the results in some chicken and noodles and they were, of course, amazing! Cooking with a clay pot is one of the most ancient cooking techniques and still gives you delicious results from meats to breads.

1) Soak the clay pot in water for at around 30 minutes. The clay pot will absorb water and during the cooking process the moisture will evaporate into steam, keeping the meat moist.

2) Let the chicken sit out of refrigeration for at least one hour.

3) Add two tablespoons of butter to the bottom of the clay baking pot.

4) Season with salt and pepper (or your choice of seasonings). Add the chicken, back down into the clay baking pot.

5) Place the lid on the clay baking pot and place into a cold oven. Then turn the oven to 450* let bake for 2 hours. Cooking with a clay baking pot requires high cooking temperatures of 400* to 475* to allow moisture in the pot to slowly turn to steam.

6) Remove the clay baking pot from the oven, let it cool with lid on for 30 minutes to retain all the juices. Caution: Do not place the hot pot on a cold surface as the clay may crack.

6a) Another option is to remove the lid during the last 15 minutes of cooking to give the skin a golden-brown color.

7) Cut up the chicken for separate meal ideas such as chicken breast, chicken and noodles and chicken broth.

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