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Where has this summer gone?! I had all of these plans of getting together with family and making crafts this summer, but the only progress I made was filling up my Pinterest board. In reality I was able to spend lots of time with the animals on the farm. In this heat it’s a full time job just making sure they are getting enough water and staying in the shade.

This past month has flown by! We just finished up butchering our second batch of chickens. We had Jeff and Pam over to help and my little brother was roped into helping. We were able to get everything butchered and processed exceptionally quick. With that being said, we have whole frozen chickens for sale, $3.00 a pound!

I’m just finishing up my summer job at the school with Summer Academy. We were able to travel around the world with the help of our google expedition googles. My mornings have been busy “traveling” with children then coming home to chores, errands and farmers markets. I have been trying to participate at the local markets, but scheduling in 2 a week is about all I can handle at the moment. Currently, I’ve been attending Chanute’s Main Street Market on Tuesday afternoons, 4:30 to 6:00 and Independence’s Market on Saturday mornings, 7:30 to 10:00.

The steers have kept us on our toes. We were coming home from a birthday party one evening and, luckily left when we did, because they had decided to help themselves through the electric fence to another pasture. Ethan’s sister, Lindsay, came over to check them with us, thankfully, because she was the one that noticed them in the wrong pasture. Ethan noticed the electric wire was wrapped around one of the steer’s hoof. With some careful orchestrating by Ethan it was freed and the steers were corralled back in. This was not accomplished before we managed to get ourselves lost in a thick patch of Johnsongrass. That was embarrassing, to our defense it was a new moon and really


We were able to keep up the food recycling program through the school during the summer. The pigs are loving the extra scraps and it’s a good program to show the kids the benefits of recycling food. We have one guilt that isn’t walking right so we have a new pen set up for her and she is enjoying some peace and quiet by herself. Ethan gave her some B complex shots, but she hasn’t shown any sign of improvement. In August the first 5 pigs will be going to the butcher. 2 of them will go to Yates Center to be cut up for retail cuts (available at the market) and the other 3 will be sold as halves. There are 4 halves left so get your order in soon! The last 3 pigs will be going into the butcher in October. After that no more piggies for this year!

School will be starting soon and just like that fall will be here which will bring the harvest and cool nights. The steers will be sold while the last batch of chickens will be processed and the farm will be pretty quiet through the winter. We'll be preparing for next year and hoping for the best.

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