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Pasture Raised Broilers


Our Pasture Raised Chickens live on a diet of grass, bugs and non-GMO grain. You will get the same portion of meat as you would at the store without the additives. A pasture diet adds minerals and vitamins to the meat which makes it healthier. To order, click "Place Order" below and fill out an order form. 

Pasture Raised Pork

$3.00/LB Hanging Weight

We use pigs to complete two objectives for our holistic management. The first is to add organic matter back to the soil and the second is to "work" the soil to break up compaction. Heritage breeds are great at foraging and still know how to eat grass, unlike conventional feeder pigs that only eat grain. The pigs are rotated through the pasture to prevent wallowing and to allow them access to fresh grass. We buy them as piglets and will be fed a non-GMO feed ration their entire life including plenty of "scraps." We will have pigs processed at the beginning of September. A half hog will cost around $420, not including processing, for around 100 lbs of take home meat. To order, click "Place Order" below and fill out an order form. 

Grass Fed Beef

$4.00/LB Hanging Weight

Our cows have it easy. They have one job: Eat grass. When they come to our farm, after they are weaned, they will spend the rest of their lives eating grass. Since grass finishing takes a lot longer than grain finish we are limiting our supply and will only offer a half of a beef. A half a beef will cost AROUND $1140, not including processing, for around 150 lbs of take home meat. Order early so we know how many to keep back. To order, click "Place Order" below and fill out an order form. 

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