Chicken Share


A half share = 1 whole chicken every other week for 5 weeks. (3 chickens) $45-72

A whole share = 1 whole chicken every other week for 9 weeks. (5 chickens) $75-$120

OR go simple and buy as many chickens as you want and pick them up at once!

*An email will be sent as a reminder

*If you can't pick it up that week it will be held until the next pick up 

Retail Pork is Here!

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Pork Share


Order a whole or half of a grass fed heritage breed hog.

After filling out a cutting order, B-W Meat Processing will call you to confirm your order. A whole hog will cost around $368, not including processing, for around 140 lbs of take home meat.

Typically your meat will be ready in 3 weeks from animal drop off to pick up. The first share will be ready in September!


Pay with PayPal

(please add 2.9% to cover PayPal expense) 

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